Receptacle Lids

We have spun metal lids for our 32 gallon receptacles coated with thermoplastic (32SML, 32SMLX, AB32, 32DB), as well as spring-loaded dome lids in plastic and metal (32DL, 55DDL, 2230DDL).  The 32DL fits any of our 32 gallon receptacles.  The 55DDL fits our 45MX, 45GALV and 55GALV receptacles.  The 55DDL and 2230 DDL dome lids (with thumb screws) also turn 22, 30 or 55 gallon drums into a secure trash receptacle.
  • 32SML, 32SMLX, AB32, 32DB - 11 Gauge steel with Thermoplastic finish
  • 32DL - available in gray plastic only
  • 55DDL, 2230DDL - Powder coated steel with thumb screws
  • 55DDL in Green, Black & Red, 2230DDL in Green, Black & Brown
32SML 32 Gallon Spun Metal Lid, concave style
20 lbs.
32SMLX 32 Gallon Spun Metal Lid, convex style
20 lbs.
AB32 32 Gallon Ash Bonnet Lit, with ashtray
25 lbs.
32DB 32 Gallon Dome Bonnet Lid
25 lbs.
32DL 32 Gallon Dome Lid
10 lbs.
55DDL 55 Gallon Drum Dome Lid
12 lbs.
2230DDL 22 / 30 Gallon Drum Dome Lid
9 lbs.



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